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   "Food Development News" is a magazine providing consultation, science and technology, direction for food industry, which was inscribed by Qin Hanzhang, grand old man of food industry. It is published by Hongkong Longyi publishment Co., Ltd. There is much information, which dealing with many field, so it has many readers and is famous in the industry. It attends more than twenty exhibitions, thus it becomes the window for drumbeating for food raw material and assistant material factory, food packaging and production factory.

   “Food Development News" is pulished each two months. It focus on theory and practice of food development and new theoretics, new scince and technology, new trend in food industry. xxxxxxxxxx "Food Development News" yearbook is a book which record great invents, developing trends, marketing describing and date reports, thus it is a integrated, general, analytic book.

   "Food Development News" also provides service about conformity masteminding, new products empoldering, attesting consultation and inside training.

   "www.cnfoodnews.com" is a "B to B" web sign serving for food production factory, food sale agent and tradesman, food raw material and assistant material factory and food packaging factory by business mood which means "consultation + information + service". it includes many items like "Food Information, Dissertation Summarization, Exclusive Report, Enterprises Sightseeing, Sole Viewpoint, Overview of Market, Communication of science, Overseas Trend, Information Interdynamic", and applys itself to provide newest information and newest net service to accelerate global food trade.

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